Making Room for an Unexpected Year

Making Room for an Unexpected Year

Making Room for an Unexpected Year

Hello from day 100th (or so) of self-isolation!

We moved into our new abode two weeks before quarantine and have been spending majority of our non-work hours moving, re-arranging and setting up. For someone who enjoys their home as much as we do, we created self-care spaces to support our new routines and with this little list, I hope you can too!

While most of us are going through the same lockdown, our situations differ vastly; Some live in a house packed with people, while others alone in an apartment, some strive on external energies while others find it within themselves. However, re-thinking your surroundings and carving out a space for your new lifestyle is essential. This may be a corner to read, meditate, be creative or whatever may be on your mind.

April 2020 – present
  1. Kitchen: While the lockdown lead us to preparing our own meals, somewhere in between the cooking we found it equal parts relaxing, exciting and eventful. We emptied out a shelf which now houses a speaker and phone dock so we can turn up the music, put away our phones and focus on how we are going to satisfy our tummies
  2. Guest Room: We are definitely not expecting any guests visiting us this season, if not this whole year. We pushed the diwan to one corner, freed up more space and added a large canvas rug. This empty space and its ever changing form- from that of a dance floor for my Zumba workouts to the expansive floor space for my 1000 piece puzzle, is all about energy and that really gets us going
  3. Living Room: I don’t need to leave tables empty for quarter plates or glasses- Spring was here and Bougainville grows all year long! All the bottles and glass jars have been put to good use and are filled with hues of greens, pinks and whites. My self-taught lessons on flower arrangements and experiments of ‘how to not-to-kill plants’ are held in this very space
  4. Study: After weeks of playing musical chairs, trying to spot the most comfortable dining chair to plonk myself on, I hit bullseye. The (not-so-beautiful) black ergonomic chairs are a clear winner and one was finally brought home from the studio except, as always, with a Studio Wood twist
  5. Corridors: Big on art and less on blank walls, that’s how I like my home to be. With all frame shops shut and the husband trying his hands on watercolours, it was time to DIY like we did back in school. Rolls of masking tape, [because it won’t chip the paint and is available at all chemists] sheets of art and ‘attempted-art’ were composed on the walls, giving the house some much needed colour.

I am a firm believer that change is the only constant and this time it has entered our homes. The only thing we can hope for is to carry these habits into the future. It’s time to look inwards, focus on ourselves and balance if what we want is aligned with what we truly need, a house or a home.

If you’re still struggling how to make your space alive again, call up your friendly neighbourhood designer (which is us) Remember, we’re all in this together, and we’re not going anywhere!

Written by Navya Aggarwal, with edits from Vrinda Mathur